How Much is Your Dog Bite Case Worth?


Getting attacked by an animal is a traumatic experience. Getting attacked by a domesticated dog is even more jarring because no one expects it. Dog bites are one of the most common forms of animal attacks and in many cases, a personal injury lawsuit is appropriate. If you have been bitten by a dog, you may want to investigate personal injury law firms in Northridge and consider the following.

Case Considerations

Almost no animal or dog bite case is black and white. Because of that, a dog bite victim can often have a difficult time collecting damages or financial compensation for the injuries they suffer. The history of the dog is considered, as are the circumstances. Additionally, the behavior of the victim before the attack can also come into play and any culpability they have in contributing to the attack. A personal injury law office can help figure that out, even if no formal charges are filed against the dog owner.

Damages and Compensation

Determining damages or financial compensation is also complex. Medical bills factor in, as do repair or replacement of property, lost wages, home care costs, disability and disfigurement stemming from the bite, and mental and emotional distress. Additionally, any extraneous costs factor in, such as associated counseling, rehabilitation and work or job training. Documenting all medical bills for your personal injury attorney is key to ensuring you can prove all the associated costs related to your case.

Since no two dog attacks are the same, the degree of each of the above factors also is counted into any damages or financial compensation. For example, an attack that requires extensive medical treatment and months off work will require more in terms of settlement than a bit that required no stitches or time off work.

Burden of Proof

As with anything dog bite-related, providing a dog bite and fault can also be very complex. The bite has to be severe enough to cause damages, which is usually reflected in medical bills. Not having medical bills can put you at a huge disadvantage. Another obstacle is getting a reliable account of what happened beyond you and the owner of the dog. That is why it is best to involve law enforcement, not just to document the dog’s aggression, but also to document that it did, in fact, attack you.

While medical bills will be a major factor that is considered, pain and suffering will also factor in. This can be very subjective. The amount awarded will closely mirror similar amounts awarded in similar circumstances. Future pain and suffering will also have to be calculated, which can get very complicated.

If you have been attacked by a dog, your first step after medical attention should be to contact several personal injury law firms in Northridge and present to them your case. From there, they can calculate what you might reasonably expect if you pursue your case.

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