Know Who’s Liable in a Gym Injury


When was the last time you thought about personal injury liability when you were at the gym? Chances are that you haven’t thought about it. When you walk into the gym for your daily workout, you’re not thinking about walking out injured and heading to an injury law office in Granada Hills. However, if you do get injured at the gym, it’s a good idea to know what your rights are for compensation.

Is the Gym Liable for All Injuries?

That’s a complex question. It depends on your gym membership contract. When you signed up for a membership, you agreed to use the equipment correctly, not perform any exercises in a careless manner, and that you’re responsible for your safety while working out. However, just because you signed this membership and agreed to these provisions doesn’t mean that the gym isn’t 100% off the hook for your injury.

Gyms have a responsibility to keep their equipment maintained and in working order. They’re also responsible for maintaining a clean, obstruction free workout area. If you become injured while using a piece of broken equipment or slip on a wet floor, contact an injury lawyer in Granada Hills. The gym is likely responsible for your injuries in a case like this.

Gym Injuries Caused by Others

The facility isn’t the only party that’s responsible should you incur an injury. Other people at the gym may hold some responsibility depending on the situation. For example, if someone is using a free weight and not paying attention and accidentally hits you in the head while swinging backwards, this is a situation that could require an injury attorney in Granada Hills. Gym-goers bear some responsibility when their actions put their fellow citizens in danger.

Don’t Assume You Don’t Have a Gym Liability Case

Many people think that once they sign their gym’s membership waiver that they’ve signed away their rights. That’s not true. You have many rights and deserve compensation for injuries sustained while at the gym. If you’ve been injured while working out at a gym in the area, contact the Law Offices of Savin & Bursk, a personal injury law office in Granada Hills, to discuss your case.

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