Slip and Fall Safety Hazards in the Workplace


No one goes to work intending to have a work-related accident. Unfortunately, accidents do happen, and it’s important for employees to understand their rights if they end up getting injured. The best practice, of course is to be proactive and avoid accidents in the first place. If you live and work in Northridge, CA, you need to understand how to protect yourself at work. Learn more here about slip and fall safety hazards in the workplace.

Pay Attention

Employees depend on employers to create a safe working environment. This is a true statement, but employees also bear part of the responsibility for safety. Remember when you were a child and your parents and the lifeguard told you not to run on the concrete at the local swimming pool? The same rules are applicable to your workplace. It’s even more important there because the risks can be higher and consequences of injury more severe. Pay attention to your surroundings. Don’t rush to get from one area to another. Don’t run! Makes sense, right?

Be Proactive

Yes, it’s your employer’s responsibility to ensure workplace safety measures are in place. They are required to follow federal, state, and often local safety regulations pertinent to specific work environments. It’s their job to ensure employees are aware of safety and make sure they follow safety regulations. Responsibility also lies with the employee. Know your work environment well enough that you know when something is a potential safety hazard. Don’t wait for a manager to notice that a walkway is blocked or that a spill has occurred. Speak up and take measures to either tell someone or take care of the problem yourself.

Know Your Rights

Slip and fall hazards are one big contributor to workplace accidents and insurance claims. An accident is never a positive experience, and work accidents can be serious enough to impact your ability to continue earning a paycheck. Most workplaces have someone on staff who specializes in taking care of employees who’ve been injured on the job. Your employer should do what’s necessary to prevent slip and fall hazards, but they do happen. If you’re involved in an accident at work, don’t wait to contact a slip and fall attorney in Northridge. Waiting may be detrimental to your health and livelihood.


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